Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Edited to Add: Ten on Tuesday

I totally forgot about today's Ten on Tuesday post. So I'll add it in now.

10 things you would tell a college freshman
  1. It's not all studying. Remember to have fun. But you know, not TOO much fun.
  2. Treat it like a 40 hour a week job. This was the best advice I got about college. Don't sleep in till noon or slack off all afternoon or you'll be pulling all-nighters and won't have time to have fun and participate in campus life. Learn to manage your time.
  3. College is the best combination of freedom and (lack of) responsibility you will ever encounter in your life. Appreciate it, treasure it. It doesn't last long.
  4. Don't be mean. This isn't high school - you live with these people. Give them the benefit of the doubt or it will come back to bite you. College is a rough transition, and different people handle it in different ways. Have empathy.
  5. Related to #4, be open to making friends with all kinds of people. Don't seek out the same crowd or kind of crowd you hung out with in high school. This is your chance to branch out a bit.
  6. Stay on campus on the weekends. Visits home are nice, but it's important to be around for campus life, so don't go home too often.
  7. Tell your parents you're there to "study and learn". Whenever you're in doubt, use this phrase. They love it, it's very reassuring.
  8. To go along with #7, your parents are not stupid. They know you are going to parties. Tell them one drinking-learned-your-lesson story, omitting the details.
  9. Try something new. I edited the opinion page of the school newspaper - I never did anything like that before college. It was a great learning experience.
  10. Continue something that's important to you. I participated in music groups - choir and wind ensemble - and it was a nice grounding thing for me.
Today's WOD: Grace

For time:

Clean and jerk 30 reps 85#

7:40 as Rx'd. About a minute slower than the last time I did it Rx'd. Not sure why, I think my head wasn't in it. I think the first 6 reps were push jerks, I missed the 7th and then switched to split jerks.


a whole bunch of handstand push-ups

It was supposed to be 10X5 but I got wobbly after a while and just stopped counting.

Four days till the Open. If I go in tomorrow I'll be taking it easy. Then definitely resting Thursday and Friday.



Anonymous said...

Your Ten on Tuesday should be distributed to every college freshman at orientation. Especially #2!

So, push jerks are trickier/harder than split jerks? I've not done one yet. Nice work!

Amy said...

It's not that push jerks are trickier - they're actually simpler and faster. But in general, people can get more weight up with split jerks, so when it starts getting/feeling heavy, I go to split jerks.

The 40 hour a week job advice was from my dad. I didn't *always* follow it, but for the most part I did and it really helped me be serious about my classes without getting consumed by them! I continued that thinking into grad school, and I think it kept me sane in a potentially very stressful situation.