Monday, August 2, 2010

Fight Gone Bad 5

This is why it's awesome to have an officemate who also CrossFits. Did your office do that much work last week?

Today's WOD:

Deadlift 3-3-2-2-1-1-1

155-175-185-195-failed a bunch of times on 200


3 rounds for time of:

20 toes to bar
30 goblet squats 12-16 kg

My time: 11:52. I did the first 15 squats with 16 kg then went down to 12 kg for the rest.

Fight Gone Bad 5

Fight Gone Bad 5 has launched. FGB is a classic CrossFit workout, and each September, CrossFitters from across the country use it to raise money for some important charities. It is the third year that I am participating, and my goal is to raise $200 by September 25. Details about FGB 5 are here.

This year FGB is raising money for three causes: The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation. Read more about these charities at the bottom of this page.

I've put a link to my FGB page here and in the sidebar. Please consider donating to my page and helping me reach my goal. This is the only fundraiser I participate in, and I'd like to really go in there strong this year. Like last year, I am participating in memory of my grandfather, Phil Santamaria, Sr.




Anonymous said...

Hey Amy - I just realized that my Paypal account still has my maiden name on it (will this name change thing EVER end? argh!) Anyway I didn't want to confuse you.

When is the actual date for the FGB workout? I'm contemplating maybe doing it myself but I have some things going on in September that might conflict.

Cheers! Julie (Petro)

Amy said...

Wow, thanks Julie! FGB happens on Saturday, September 25. You should totally do it if you're available! It's definitely hard but really fun, and you can scale it. We'll get a group together to go out and celebrate after, it'll be a good time.

Anonymous said...

Oh! That might actually work for me. Sounds fun, and for a good cause!