Monday, August 30, 2010

The Colorado Open: Day 2

The second day of the Colorado Open was as tough as the first. We started with a tire flip/sprinting workout in the morning, and the afternoon brought the longest workout of the competition, a grueling combination of rowing, burpees, kettlebell snatch, and ball slams. I'm happy to say I did not scale anything on Day 2.

Workout #3

For time:

5 tire flips, 500 lbs (350 lbs)
100 meter sprint
5 tire flips, 500 lbs (350 lbs)

The event starts with the athlete flipping the tire 5 times. The athlete then jumps through the tire, sprints down to the turn-around and returns to the tire, flips it 5 more times and then jumps through the tire. Time stops when the athlete's feet hit the ground outside the tire after jumping through the tire. There is a 3 minute cut-off.

My time: 1:40. I had never even attempted to flip a 350 pound tire before this weekend. I gave it a couple tries on Saturday afternoon and managed to get it over, so I figured I go for it, but I was pretty nervous about getting 10 reps in. My time wasn't fast, but I was pleased to finish well under the 3:00 cutoff.

Workout #4

2 rounds for time of:

500 meter row
10 burpees
20 kettlebell snatches, 24 kg (16 kg) each hand
30 ball slams, 45 lbs (30 lbs)

The athlete will start on the rower and progress through the workout in the order listed. The listed number of reps must be completed before moving on to the next exercise. There is an 18 minute cut-off.

DNF. I normally do 12 kg kettlebell snatches in workouts, especially with this high of a rep count, so I knew 16 kg would be a stretch. I had never done anything close to 30 pound ball slams. So I was nervous about the weights, but this was the last workout and I wanted to give it everything I had, so I didn't scale it. The snatches started out good but when I got tired, my form slipped a bit and they started smashing my arms and ripping my hands.

A battle scar from the 16 kg kettlebell. There's a matching bruise on my left arm.

I wasn't able to beat the 18:00 cutoff, but I got pretty close, with 36 snatches on the second round (didn't make it onto the ball slams on the second round). And a fair number of women modified the workout or didn't finish it, so this performance actually moved me up in the overall standings.


After the first workout (my strongest because it was pull-ups), I was 47/78 women. Got thrown back to 68 after having to modify the second workout. Moved up a couple of places on the third workout, to 65. Then gained another four places in the fourth workout to end in 61st. 61/78 may not sound that good, but I'm happy with it. The field was elite, that's the only way to put it. Most of these girls were a lot bigger, stronger, more coordinated, and tougher than me. Other than the second workout, I did the same weights as them and held my own.

Obviously I was not the only competitor this weekend - our team had an incredibly strong showing, and I'm so proud of everyone. I'm lucky that I got to be a part of this. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos to sort through, got some good ones of everyone. I'll be posting them throughout the week, so stay tuned.

The Open was well run, with a nice balance of workouts, wonderful volunteers, and an incredibly encouraging and supportive community. In this sport, everyone roots for everyone. A big thanks to everyone who cheered on the competitors. Hearing that roar of the crowd when you're pushing yourself to your limits feels like nothing else. This is why I do CrossFit.

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Anonymous said...

Yeouch! That's quite a battle scar. Awesome work there Amy! That last workout looks like it was a bear. Enjoy your time off!