Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Colorado Open: Day 1

Today was the first day of the Colorado Open, and Team Flatirons did great! We have athletes in top spots for the men and the women, and everyone really gave it their all and went hard today. I'm really proud of everybody. And grateful to all the people that turned out to cheer us on. Thank you!

Today's Competition Workouts:

Workout #1

3 minutes of back squats, 225 lbs (145 lbs)
3 minutes of pullups

You will have 3 minutes to do as many reps of back squat as possible. You can re-rack the barbell as often as you wish. When the 3 minutes are up, you must move immediately to the pullup bar and you will have 3 minutes to do as many pullups as you can. The pullups can be performed in as many sets as you wish. Your score is the total number of both exercises.

I got 13 squats + 36 pull-ups (and a few more reps that didn't count!) for a total score of 49. That put me in 47/78 women. I was super happy with this placement, especially because those were really heavy squats for me, and I went hard on the pull-ups and was pleased with my performance on that.

Workout #2

6 rounds for time of:

7 power cleans, 165 lbs (105 lbs)

150 meter run

Modified weight #1 (counts as one mod)
135 lbs for men

85 lbs for women
Modified weight #2 (counts as two mods)

105 lbs for the men

65 lbs for the women

You will start at your barbell, do 7 power cleans and then run out on the 150 meter course. You will repeat this for a total of 6 rounds. Your time will stop when you run back into the gym and touch your barbell.

I did modified weight #1 (85#) and the workout took me 9:58. That put me pretty near the bottom because hardly anyone scaled it. Amazing - 105# is a really heavy weight to do in a workout. That just shows you how tough the competition is. I wish I had done better, but I did finish the workout, and I felt absolutely terrible afterward, so I think that means I went as hard as I could.

Currently I'm in 68/78 women. Not as good as I'd hoped but not as bad as I'd feared. Tomorrow there are two more workouts, and I'm not scaling anything. I'll give it everything I have and hopefully make the time cutoffs!

Oh, and I don't have any photos handy for this post, but Mike and I took about 700, so don't worry, there will be pictures to come!

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Anonymous said...

You guys did awesome and I am so proud of you both! You really gutted it out. Have a great day tomorrow. I look forward to hearing updates. :)