Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday chipper

A very boring knitting photo.

This is the start of my (not boring) Moderne log cabin blanket (from Mason Dixon Knitting - their first book). Knitting it in dk-weight Merino Style from Knitpicks - three neutrals and a deep red. You'll see more colors as I make more progress, and the photos will get less boring. To give you an idea of the scale of this baby, I bought 32 50g skeins of yarn. I will need at least 3/4 of them (24 skeins). In the photo above, I just added the second skein. So I'm at most 1/24 of the way there. Good thing I love garter stitch! There is also a lot of lace in my future. Estonian lace. Because I just got this book in the mail. Love every project in there!

Today's WOD:

150 m overhead sandbag carry 50#
5 burpees every time the bag comes down from overhead


For time:
30 Wallballs 14# 10' target
30 KB swings 16kg
30 Box jumps 20"
30 Pull-ups
30 Push press 55#
30 Calories/row

My time: 15:26. Really, really terrible chipper of a WOD. The only thing I scaled was the push presses, down from 65#. I was a useless, dizzy puddle of sweat and lactic acid when I finally fell off the rower. Why do I do this? Oh right, because it's fun. :)

I think I'll take tomorrow off. Then it's on to some fun road WODs. I have a couple made up already, but I'm still taking suggestions...


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