Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday
10 Things You Like About Where You Live
  1. The view. See above.
  2. The smell of pine trees.
  3. The big Colorado sky - I never feel closed in like I do out East.
  4. The 300+ days of sunshine a year.
  5. The laid-back attitude of the West.
  6. The abundance of amazing hiking and other outdoor activities.
  7. Enthusiasm for playing outside is considered normal.
  8. Plenty of culture nearby, including great restaurants.
  9. It's dry without being a desert. I love a dry climate!
  10. Boulder is an open-minded and generally accepting place.

Today's WOD:

2:00 of double unders (13 misses)
2:00 rest
2:00 of double unders (12 misses)


AMRAP in 12:00 of:

KB snatch 10 reps each arm 12 kg
Sprint to the end of the building and back (100 m?)

I got 7 rounds. The snatches stayed strong throughout but the sprints slowed down a bit! The double unders were tough, but I had a hard time making myself go again right away after I missed. I tended to wait a couple seconds and catch my breath first. Some version of the double under workout could be a good road WOD! I'm going to have to bring my jump rope with me when I'm traveling for work next week. It will be 6 days on the road, so I'll need to get creative. Let me know if you have a favorite travel workout!


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