Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Ways to Enjoy Summer:
  1. Get some sun
  2. Barbecue with friends
  3. Go for a hike and look at wildflowers
  4. Sleep with the windows open
  5. Listen to crickets
  6. Read more
  7. Have late dinners
  8. Be a tourist - take advantage of fun things to do near home
  9. Go to outdoor events - festivals, markets, concerts
  10. Wear flip flops
This is just what came off the top of my head. Most people's lists will probably be more active, but I'm pretty low key about it. Because our summers are so short, I like to just enjoy the simple things. Mainly the beautiful Colorado sunshine!

Yesterday's WOD:

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Squat cleans 65#

My time: 13:44. This was pretty terrible. I felt wrecked afterward. Even though the squat cleans were pretty light, they made me really nauseated. I almost looked forward to the burpees. But I got through it, and even though I was the last one to finish, I wasn't far behind the group. And I think my form was good on the cleans, really tried to drop under the bar and catch it low every time.

Tonight is strength training again - it's the fourth (last) week already. I can't believe how fast it flew by. It's been a little difficult having such long days - have to pack both lunch and dinner Tuesday through Wednesday and I get home after 8 - but it's been worth it. All metcon all the time is not a recipe for improvement, and I needed to try something different to get out of my plateau.

The few metcons I've been doing have not been spectacular, but I think that's normal given that I'm focusing on strength work. Muscles take time to repair. And I've had to take more rest time, only going into the gym Monday through Thursday so that I can have Friday through Sunday as rest days. Although it's been more active recovery than rest - climbing, hiking, doing some stuff in the yard and around the house. I'm not feeling worn down and I'm sleeping pretty well, so I think the balance of activity/rest is good.

Big Decision

This weekend we made a big decision - to sell our house in the mountains and move into town. It was a difficult decision, but I know it is the right one. Mountain life has been amazing, but Mike and I both feel isolated and need to be closer to friends. Now selling won't be easy given the market and given that our location will only appeal to a niche market. But hopefully there is someone out there dreaming of a mountain retreat who will fall in love with the place like we did several years ago. In the meantime, we're hard at work getting the place spic and span and irresistible to potential buyers.

One More Thing

The Colorado Open (Colorado CrossFit Games) has been announced. August 27-29. I'm thinking about it...

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