Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, knitting, and a bunny

Ten on Tuesday

10 things to do instead of watching TV
  1. Knit (of course)
  2. Read
  3. Play with your pet
  4. Listen to music
  5. Go outside
  6. Hang out with friends
  7. Cook
  8. Work out
  9. Get ahead on some work
  10. Daydream
That one was pretty easy!

Knitting and a Bunny

No workout to blog yet because I'm going at 5:30 today. Plans are afoot to work on dips and the box jump drills Karen came up with for me. In the meantime, you get knitting and a bunny. Because this is, after all, a knitting blog, and who doesn't love a cute bunny photo op?

Progress on the Moderne Log Cabin blanket. Halfway through block 3. Feet for scale.

Who's there? Greta? Oh, she's not interested.

Well, maybe a little interested.

What is this?

Mmm, soft.

Thanks for the photo shoot, Greta!


rosanne said...

Love, love the blanket!! Thanks for the great Greta pictures. So sorry I have missed you at the gym.

Jane said...

Great blanket - maybe Greta thinks it's new bedding for her abode!