Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Strength Day 12

Sleeping bunny

Summer Strength Day 12

1. Clean and jerk 5-5-3-3-1-1-1
85-85-95-95-100-105-110# (PR!)

2. Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1
155-160-175-180-185-190-200# (PR!)

Last night was the last day of the summer strength program, and I got 2 PR's! I've gotten a 110# clean before, and I got a 110# jerk off the rack once, but I never got 110# sequential clean and jerk (despite many attempts). And I FINALLY broke 200 with my deadlift! Yipeeee! That's been a goal for a long time. It went right up, and of course I tried 205, but after all those reps with heavy weight, I was tired and couldn't make it budge. I feel stronger and I know when I try again for 1 rep maxes on these lifts, without burning out on lots of reps first, I'll be able to go up even more.

It feels badass to be in the 200s for a lift! And deadlift has been my nemesis, especially given that I have absolutely the wrong body type for the lift (longer legs, shorter torso) and not much mass to put behind it. It was sheer will and a lot of unpleasant reps that got me to 200.

Taking three days off, then Monday I'll start back with mostly light fast metcons and lifting interspersed here and there.



Jane said...

Adorable bunny - which one is it?

Weird knitted meat - ick.

Congrats on the PR's

rosanne said...

Yeah on your PR's!! so proud of you on the dead lift. Hey there's a gift for Tim, a knitted piece meat! What more could the caveman want? Miss you!

Bluescaptain Joe said...

I'll just leave this here: