Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miami: Road WOD 3

my hotel in Biscayne Bay

Today's Road WOD:

work on handstands


For time:
15 clean and jerks (hang clean/push jerk)
20 stick jumps
10 push-ups
30 walking lunges
10 push-ups
20 stick jumps
15 clean and jerks

My time: 8:25. The weight on the clean and jerks was either 55 or 65#. I don't know, even though it seems like the bar should be 45#, without a good balanced spinning bar, it feels so heavy. Just didn't feel like 55, so my money is on 65. And I didn't measure the height of the stick jumps, but I balanced the stick on the benches, and I think they were about 20" high. It was another good one. I was worried it might be a bit of a chipper, but it went quicker than I thought it would.

My view at lunch yesterday:

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