Monday, July 19, 2010

Miami: Road WOD 2

South Beach

Last night I went to South Beach with a couple of colleagues. Wow, Ocean Drive is an interesting place, crazy even on a Sunday night! The people watching was a hoot. Let me just say, a person's size and the amount of clothing they were wearing were uncorrelated.

One thing that struck me is that South Beach looks like the Miami you see in the movies! All the Deco architecture and pastels, very pretty. I couldn't stop taking pictures of buildings:

Today's Road WOD:

snatch balances and hang squat snatches with the bar




My time: 7:14. I did the snatches and OHS with the bar I pulled off the bench press. Not sure how heavy it was, definitely at least 45#, but it seemed more like 55. Are there 55# bars? That was a painful one! But because of all that extra oxygen down here at sea level, I recovered really quickly. Oh, and that was an uncaffeinated workout, yikes!

Team Flatirons returns

The Flatirons team heads back from California today. They did a great job and I'm so proud of them. Can't wait to see you guys, but there is more of Miami to see.

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