Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with sandbags

Today is the first day of the CrossFit Games Worlds! Good luck to the Flatirons Team in the Affiliate Cup competition! I'll be thinking of you guys all weekend. GO TEAM!!! Updates here.

No WOD for me today, going climbing instead. But I have some fun photos from yesterday's sandbag preworkout at the 5:30 class. (Click on any of the photos to see them bigger.)

Sarah and Emily, both fresh out of the skills class, but already attacking workouts like true FCFers.

Ben grabbed a bit lighter bag, so he sprinted it. Which I think is worse than walking with a heavy one!

Nemo gritting it out. Yes, he's wearing a weight vest. Tough kid, this one.

Regan is back in Boulder! And sporting a new mohawk. Welcome back, now go run with a sandbag!

And my beast of a husband. Damn! I goaded him into tackling the 75# bag rather than the 70# one.

On the importance of handwork

I had to include this video clip today. The next time someone asks me why I knit, I'll just tell them to watch this. She puts it much more beautifully than I could. And I think a lot of the points she makes about being reconnected to the concrete and the practical (and to each other) also apply to training in a group and doing hard physical work, like we do in CrossFit. Whether you're touching wool and needles or a heavy bag of sand, it's a much more engaging experience than moving a mouse around on a desk. Think about it.

Have a great weekend!

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rosanne said...

Hi Amy! Great workout pictures of the girls and guys doing sand bag carries! Hope Miami is treating you well. When do you come home? Thank you again for all your updates! You were awesome!