Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weightlifting meet results

Today's weightlifting meet at FCF was well-organized, fun, and had a great turnout. Only four of us girls, though - me, Elizabeth, and Karen from FCF, and Christina visiting from CF Julia. Since I was the only woman in the 58 kg weight class, I won my category by default.

My results:


1st attempt 35 kg - made
2nd attempt 37 kg - made (new PR)
3rd attempt 39 kg - missed

Clean and jerk:

1st attempt 45 kg - made
2nd attempt 48 kg - made (old PR)
3rd attempt 50 kg - missed (so mad about this miss!)

Total: 85 kg, up from 83 kg the last meet. Not quite what I was hoping for, but I'm grateful for the new PR in snatch and also happy that I didn't totally blow it given it was a rough week training-wise. Gotta keep working. I feel like I'm gonna get out of this plateau soon.

I'm exhausted! Had a nice soak in the hot tub and a refreshing beverage, and I'm going to go crash now. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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rosanne said...

Way to go Amy! congrats on the snatch PR! Not bad for what? a week off and then a week of crazy training and no tapering????