Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thrusters, burpees, lace, and a haircut

Today's WOD:

5 rounds for time of:

5 thrusters 65#
10 burpees

My time: 7:14. We rested 10 minutes or so and then sprinted one more round. My first of 5 rounds was 0:56, and my 6th round was 0:50. So I guess I did have a little bit left!


I finally blocked the lace ribbon scarf. The photo is not good, an iphone attempt in low light before rushing out the door this morning. I'll try to get some better pictures with my real camera in natural light. But I wanted some evidence of knitting on the blog.

I also - drumroll please - finished and blocked my Icarus shawl! It's my biggest knitting accomplishment so far, in terms of number of stitches, complexity, and overall gorgeousness (thanks to the very talented people who designed the pattern and dyed the yarn). If you're looking to stretch yourself and want to really dive into some lace, I can't recommend MimKnits patterns enough. Very clear and thorough instructions, nice charts, not too hard to memorize, and beautiful finished product. I used to be a free-patterns-only person, but really, patterns are dirt cheap for the enjoyment you get out of them and the amount of work that goes into them. Support designers!

I couldn't bring myself to post a crappy photo of this shawl, so I will have a real photo shoot soon and post pictures sometime this week.


Finally, I promised photos of Mike's haircut, so here you go! First cut in over 3 years. It's still pretty long, but it was more than a trim - six inches lopped off.


And after:

Plus an in-progress shot:

Look for more Mike eye candy tomorrow - I have Bolder Boulder photos.

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rosanne said...

OH! Tim, pulled that "one more round sprint" on you. Crap! we had that done to us on saturday. Not fun. We didn't get that at the noon class. Mike looks great!