Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, Snatches, and Paleo Results

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday is 10 books on your summer reading list. The first five of these are ones I've started and just need to finish!
  1. Good Calories, Bad Calories. By Gary Taubes. Amazing, life-changing book. Also very long. I'm almost finished with it. I can't recommend it enough.
  2. Julie and Julia. By Julie Powell. I was enjoying this, not sure why it got put on hold.
  3. The Mother Tongue. By Bill Bryson. Very dense book about the English language, but Bill Bryson's sense of humor makes it very readable. Again, not sure why it got temporarily shelved.
  4. High Tide in Tuscon. Short stories by Barbara Kingsolver. It's easy to pause midway through a book of short stories. But I love her writing style, and I know when I pick it back up I'll be rapt.
  5. Look at the Birdie. Short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. Everything I said for #4. Love these stories so far. So dark and so uplifting at the same time!
  6. Twilight. By Stephenie Meyer. Okay, this one's embarrassing. But I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and I found a copy just sitting at a gate in the airport. I started it a few days ago. It's okay, not really my thing and not terribly deep but definitely a compelling read (i.e., zooming through it and don't want to put it down).
  7. The Sex Lives of Cannibals. By J. Maarten Troost. Recommended by a friend.
  8. Bel Canto. By Ann Patchett. Recommended by everyone I know. It's been sitting on my shelf too long.
  9. Under the Banner of Heaven. By Jon Krakauer. Recommended by a couple of people.
  10. Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. By Levitt and Dubner. I read their blog, listen to their podcasts, so I gotta read their books finally!
Today's WOD:

8 rounds of 3 snatches every 2 minutes

I used 65#, went light to work on form. Some improvement, maybe, I think? Going back tonight for the strength class. Not too tired, since I kept it light.

Paleo Study Results

The FCF Paleo Study is finally written up and I've posted it here. Take a peek if you're interested!

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