Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Strength Day 6 and Friday in Pictures

Summer Strength Day 6

1. Squat snatch 3-3-3-3-3

2. Push jerk 5X3 at 85#

3. 100 toes to bar

My previous best squat snatch was about 60 pounds, so I'm thrilled with the progress I've made on that. I felt very stable, even at 75#. Worked on form on those, trying to "snap" the bar up more, while dynamically pulling myself under it. Got a few snappy ones! The push jerks started a little wobbly, but I improved across sets, getting the bar to travel more vertically and not out in front of me.

And the toes to bar - well, that felt like a bad initiation. Sonja and I traded off, doing 5 at a time. By the end, she had her first palm rips (truly an initiation), and I have blister that's going to get ugly. We had to cheer each other on a lot to get through that! But that's what so great about a CrossFit gym - who would do 100 toes to bar on their own? But it's fun in that horrible/fun way when you have people to do it with you. Keith and Randy even did some sympathy toes to bar with us, camaraderie for sure.

Only four of us showed up for Day 6 - me, Sonja, Mike, and Ben. Compared to 13 on the first day, that's some attrition! Maybe people caught wind of the toes to bar plan... But I'm still enjoying the focus on strength. Six classes down, six to go!

Mindless Knitting

I needed some mindless knitting, so I'm using up my stash of dishcloth cotton knitting these from knit2knit. They turn out beautifully square.
photo from knit2knit (love the colors she chose!)

When I recover from my mindless knitting jag, I will have plenty of difficult knitting to do - I just ordered a bunch of books from Interweave's hurt book sale. I can't resist a good sale, and I got some books I've had my eye on for a while. I'll let you know which ones I love when they come in!

Friday in Pictures

how you trim palm trees

wide elastic waist skirt from Angry Chicken

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