Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Strength Day 4

A sweet little green Saab I saw on vacation.

Summer Strength Day 4

1. Snatch
3x3 at 65#

2. Deadlift
5X3 at 165#

3. 8 rounds of:
3 front squats every 30 seconds at 85#

It went pretty well. On the snatches, I think I made a little progress on pushing my knees back before I start the second pull. Have to keep practicing it so it becomes habit and I'm not thinking so hard about it. And the deadlifts felt very good. The front squats were supposed to be 75% of max, which would have been 95# for me. But my form falls apart with that extra 10 pounds, so I stuck with 85 for this one. They felt a lot stronger than last week's front squats, though.

Today's WOD (which I'm missing) is 1 rep max deadlift. I feel like I could get past that 200# barrier today, and I almost decided to go in and try it, but I think I am better off waiting until the end of the strength program to re-test my 1-rep maxes. If I go in there today and can't get it, I'll just get frustrated, and I'll fatigue myself for tonight's class. The whole point of the strength program is to get my maxes up, so I have to be careful not to undermine my own plan!


I ran across some amazing posts yesterday with inspiring links in them. So here are some links and some once-removed links!

Mason Dixon Knitting had a post the other day that was interesting enough on its own, but it had also these two gems buried in it:
  • Alabama Chanin designs: collection and studio/community (a fascinating story and beautiful handcrafted design - inspiration)
  • Medano beach bag (Ravelry link). I've had stripes on the brain, and I want to cast this on immediately. I don't have any appropriate yarn in my stash, so I might have to do some online shopping today.
Angry Chicken is extremely good at tapping into lost childhood imagination - she helps me to rediscover the kinds of crafty daydreams and plans that my head used to swim in. So I loved this post. Finally, this last link, from Free the Animal, is for my dad and my brother. A Paleo spin on a Traffic song? Yes indeed.

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