Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Strength Day 3

Harbor seals in California (click to embiggen)

Summer Strength Day 3

1. Clean and jerk 8X3 at 85#
2. Front squats 5X5 at 85#

I planned to go heavier on the front squats, but I did a few at 95# and just crumpled. So 85 it was. Form got better as I progressed through the sets. C&J went okay, worked through some form issues - it was tough to address form when my muscles were just so tired. But Keith helped me break down the movement and try some different things, so I have some new stuff to focus on (well, the same stuff, but new ways to think about it).

Today I'm going climbing at lunchtime with my work buddy Chris, and I'm going to keep it very low key, do some easy climbs, stretch out. Then I'll listen to some fun Friday music on Pandora while I crank through some stuff at work. I'll get home at a reasonable time and relax on the porch with a beverage.

Tomorrow is the Developmental Weightlifting Meet at FCF. I certainly overdid it for the week before a meet (I'm still super sore and now I'm exhausted) but it's okay, the summer strength program is my focus now, and the meet is just for fun. It would be cool if I could set a new PR, but whatever happens, I won't take this one too seriously.

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