Monday, June 28, 2010

Pull-ups and wall balls

Today's WOD:

50 butterfly pull-ups/attempts - not timed


150 wall balls for time
10# ball, 10' target

My time: 10:52. Felt like I was moving in slow motion. But at the end I was purple-faced, woozy, and nauseated. So I guess I went as hard as I could. Last time I did this workout was at the affiliate cup tryouts in April, but it was with the 14# ball to the 8' target. Took me an extra two minutes today, with the extra two feet.

Continuing Education for Bunnies

Yesterday I came to the realization that my girl bunny, Greta, thinks that she is in charge of the household. She is extremely good at manipulating me. So lessons about who is the alpha female (rabbits are matriarchal) started last night. No bunnies will be harmed during these lessons, but a certain bunny might get picked up more than she would like. Already I think we are making progress. Dirk, on the other hand, does not challenge me and has even started responding to verbal commands, but he is still so skittish. So he is getting cuddle lessons. He sat on my lap for a few minutes yesterday - calmed down quickly and did a great job, and even better, didn't seem to hold a grudge.


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