Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy news

Okay, I have a workout, I have vacation photos, but first things first:

My baby brother is engaged! (Baby is a relative term - he is 28.)

Very excited. She's a great girl, they are a sweet couple, and I'm lucky to be getting that sister I always wanted. Thanks, Joe! And a big congratulations to you both.

Today's WOD:

For time:

30 push press 55#
30 burpees
30 toes to bar
30 wall balls (10-14# ball, 10' target)
30 calories - row

My time: 15:48. A welcome back WOD for sure. After nine days off, that was pretty painful. But it's nice to finally feel rested. Sometimes you just have to take a chunk of time off. Not 2 or 3 days, but a CHUNK. Tomorrow I start a 4-week, 3-day/week strength training program. So you won't see many WODs on here for a while, but I'll be keeping track of the strength stuff I work on. I'm curious to see how it goes. I definitely want to build strength, and hopefully focusing on strength without wearing myself out with frequent metcons will help address that. Dare I say it...periodization?

If you're dying to know what I did on my vacation, this pretty much sums it up:


rosanne said...

Hey Girl got your text today. Don't worry about me. I will get through this. Thank you for the offer to talk, you know me, I'll take you up on it sooner or later. Ok enough about me. So congrats on gaining a sister! That's great news, now you have a wedding to plan. Welcome home!

Karen said...

Congrats on your brother's engagement! How exciting!

Rockin Chizel said...

I approve of your wine choices. Looks like a great vacation to me

Amy said...

I love how cheap wine is in California! Glad I chose well. My favorite was the Mondavi 2007 merlot.