Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Front squats and rowing

from xkcd

Today's WOD:

Do 3 front squats every 1:00 for 8:00. Try to use 80%.

I started with 80% (105#) but had to drop it down to 95# for the last three rounds.


Row 1k

My time: 4:08. Elizabeth, I missed you (and my PR) by 1 second! Oh so close! But I know I went as hard as I could because I was lying on the floor in agony for at least 5 minutes and I still feel pretty bad!

My officemate Corey made the front page today! He's doing great at CrossFit and getting better fast. If you see him at the gym, be really nice to him because he has to put up with me every day, and that is not easy.

Bolder Boulder photos

Around 50,000 people ran the Bolder Boulder 10k race this year. This shot shows people running into the stadium. I've done it three times (but not this year), and it is a rush to run into the stadium in front of a crowd!

Mike got a PR, beat 50 minutes! Go Mike!


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