Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snatches, double unders, and a rant

Today's WOD:

For time:

10 hang power snatch 48#
50 double unders
15 snatch
40 double unders
20 snatch
30 double unders
25 snatch
20 double unders

My time: 13:44. Made it in under the 15:00 cutoff. Felt like I was landing in Jello on those last two sets of double unders! Wobble! The snatches went pretty well, was able to get in a rhythm and do sets of five throughout.

Biggest Loser rant

Ugh, so I love and hate this show. Mike just loves it, so it's on once a week and I usually see part or most of it. I love it because I am inspired by people who want to transform their lives and work hard to take charge of their health. I hate it because these poor people get the worst possible advice and most of them will end up gaining back the weight because of that bad advice. The worst piece of advice I heard on this week's show made me scream at the TV (again).

The contestants went home for a couple weeks, I think, and at the end of it they had to complete a marathon. A young guy named Daris, I think he's maybe 21, completed it in just over 4 hours, a totally respectable time for someone who runs marathons, and an amazing time for someone who just lost 150 pounds. It was a true athletic accomplishment, not just a "get through it so I can say I did a marathon" kind of thing, but an impressive feat that took some serious guts and hard work.

Then they did the weigh-in for the show, and instead of losing weight, he gained 2 pounds. And he said, "I was focused on training for a marathon, not on losing weight." The trainers went apeshit on him. That makes no sense! How could exercising more lead to weight gain? It should have made you lose even more! You must have cheated and eaten way too much. We're so disappointed in you. And the poor guy was crushed.

What killed me? What made me scream at the TV? He was absolutely right, and they were absolutely wrong. That whole calories in, calories out bullshit they spew is WRONG. Exercising more can absolutely make you gain weight, especially long-distance running. Long slow work raises cortisol levels and makes you crave carbs. Plus if you're eating the standard low-fat, high carb crap diet they promote, your insulin is going to go through the roof, you're going to be hungry all the time, and of course you're going to eat more. They showed the guy eating big bowls of cereal late at night in a bit of a daze and then feeling awful about it. Standard cortisol overload story. The fact that he got through that to post such an amazing time on the marathon is a testament to his discipline, strength, and ability to succeed despite the terrible advice he's been given.

Now he's going to think he's weak, when in fact he's the strongest one on there, maybe the strongest contestant I've ever seen on the show. If he can get his hands on some good nutritional advice, he will be unstoppable - he'll be an incredible athlete and he will never gain the weight back. I just hope he comes across the right information, I hope that Paleo/primal approaches to nutrition gain the visibility and credibility that they so badly deserve. The information certainly is out there, but it can be hard to find, and these well-meaning idiot trainers, who ignore the science and glibly proceed with their smug confidence in the WRONG ideas, have brainwashed him. My heart breaks for him.

Whew. Okay, moving on.

Dark humor

Here are some Toothpaste for Dinner favorites for those of you with a darker sense of humor:

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Karen said...

I watch that show too and it has the same effect on me. It is very motivating to see how hard the recent couch potatoes push themselves far beyond their perceived limits. But the advice by the trainers and the way they treat the contestants drives me crazy! And their little mid-show commercials... All you need for your diet is these handy Ziplock bags! - Karen