Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Today's WOD:

Row 500 m
Rest 3:00
Row 500 m
Rest 3:00
Row 500 m

My times: 2:03/2:05/2:08. Could have done a lot better on a good day, but this was not a good day - I'm adjusting to the low carb thing, tired from two workouts yesterday, and I started the workout feeling nauseous. Just glad to get through it. Tomorrow I'm forcing myself to take a day off from working out.

I went to weightlifting last night and worked with David on squat snatches at 55-60#. I'm getting it! Feeling much more comfortable landing in the squat. I need to work on it for the clean as well.


I present: the scawl. That's my mom's word. She couldn't decide if it was a scarf or a shawl, and scawl is what came out. I think it's a good label.

I used all but a few yards of one skein of Louet Gems sport weight merino solid (a great squishy non-splitty yarn) and size 6 needles. Pattern was based on Brooklyn Tweed's description of his Romney Kerchief that I posted about last week. It was a nice, simple knit but not too boring because of the increases and that one purl row every 6 rows. Still unblocked, but it SNOWED today (yep, that's Colorado spring for you) and I wanted to wear it, so I grabbed it on my way out the door. I think it will grow a bit with blocking. The color in the photo is pretty true - it might be a little lighter in real life.

This was such a quick, fun knit, I will probably make it again. With two skeins, it would make a nice mid-size shawl. If you make the one-skein scawl version, you could use a luxury yarn - silk or cashmere - and it would make a really nice gift. Also totally customizable with any weight yarn, from laceweight to chunky, given an appropriate needle size.

Health/diet update

Yesterday was my first day with my very low carb experiment, and it was interesting. I had a small glass of orange juice in the morning (about 4 ounces), a big salad at lunch, a big salad at dinner, and that was all my carbs for the day. I'm estimating 45 g of carbs (5 blocks) total. That's probably in the ketosis range, and I guess I'm used to a lot more carbs throughout the day because I felt lightheaded and kind of drunk most of the day. The upside was that I didn't feel hungry, with the big peaks of hunger I've been experiencing lately, and I didn't have the huge ups and downs in energy that I've been dealing with as I've been ramping up my sugar and caffeine to get through the day. Also didn't feel cravings for caffeine in the afternoon. So I think this is an effective component of my strategy to get out of cortisol "derangement" (Mike, I used a Robb Wolf word!).

Speaking of Robb Wolf, here is an informative post from Robb Wolf on adrenal fatigue. We've been listening to his podcasts on our commute, and they are great! Highly recommended, especially if you're a nerd who likes to understand the "whys" of nutrition and training and how it all fits together in a big picture.

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Amber said...

If you check Mark's Daily Apple you'll find a bunch of stuff about carb ranges, under 50 is ketosis, 50-100 is still decent fat loss. I am sure you have plenty of resources but I wanted to back up my input with actual reading material :)Good Luck!

Amy said...

Great reference, thanks! I had heard the under 50 g/ketosis guideline, and I was vaguely shooting for that. I'm not intending to stay in ketosis for the long term, but I was worried about the carb/caffeine/overtraining/insomnia spiral and wanted to take some big steps over a couple of weeks to jolt myself out of it. I do feel a bit jolted! But oddly, I do feel as if some recovery is happening.