Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bunny train

The bunny train of disapproval

No WOD today, going to weightlifting tonight. I think I'll work on clean and/or jerk...my goal is to have fun, make a little progress, and not beat myself up over anything. I promise!

I'm giving up on the super low carbohydrate plan. It just doesn't feel right - I think my body runs better on a moderate amount of carbs, including some fruit. The biggest issue and what prompted me to go very low carb was too many sweet cravings and energy crashes, plus some insomnia. I haven't done any paleo baking in a while or used any sweeteners (honey, agave, maple syrup), and I've cut way back on the dried fruit and dark chocolate, and that seems to be stemming both the cravings and crashes. I've also been sleeping a lot better lately. So for now, I'll go with what feels right for me and that means no more ketosis and as many fruits and veggies as I need to feel a good constant energy. I'm not sorry that I experimented with this - figuring out the ideal fuel for your body is a hard problem and requires lots of testing! It's all a learning experience.

I am getting so into the science (and art!) of nutrition lately. I'm devouring everything I can read on the topic. I've just had such an incredibly positive experience with my dramatic change in diet and subsequent results that I want to keep learning and sharing what I learn. How our bodies work is incredibly complicated but endlessly fascinating.

By the way, Dirk and Greta disapprove of the nutritional decisions I impose on them. An all-carrot and fruit diet would suit them better, but then they wouldn't be very healthy bunnies. Good thing they are too small to open the giant silver treat box (fridge). Although Greta will probably find a way eventually. She is one smart rabbit.


Don said...

Yes, with sweets out of your diet you won't want them. I like Larabars as snacks, but I find most too sweet. The best (meaning least sweet) are Ginger Snap and the elusive Tropical Fruit Tart.

Bluescaptain Joe said...

I'll say this much, I've cut wheat and dairy out of my diet for the last week, and I've never felt better. Still eating dirty carbs (rice, corn), but just the gluten being out makes a difference. And almond milk doesn't spoil as quickly, nor does it give me insane amounts of gas. :)

miked said...

Don, one Larabar is on the order of 6 apple's worth of sugar.