Monday, May 17, 2010

1-rep max thrusters

Today's WOD:



65-75-85-90-failed on 95 (3 attempts)


12 thrusters @ 66% of 1RM (60#)
sprint 200 m
9 thrusters
sprint 200 m
6 thrusters
sprint 200 m

My time: 5:38. 90# thruster was a new PR but only by 5# and it should have been more. My technique on thrusters needs a lot of work. I'm thinking about what I need to fix, but it's not getting translated into actual correct movement. Yet again, I am frustrated by my complete lack of coordination and athletic ability. Which are not bad compared to the population at large, but pretty terrible for a CrossFitter.


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Pili said...

Am I allowed to yell STOP IT at you? You'll get it. Don't get mad at yourself, get mad at the bar, you'll lift more that way!