Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WOD: Sprints

Today's WOD:

Press 5X3 at 65#


For time:

Run 400 x 2 rest :45 between
Run 200 x 4 rest :30 between
Run 100 x 6 rest :15 between

My time (including rests): 14:26. We last did this one in early March, and I only beat that time by 2 seconds, but we did an extra run back to the door this time, so it was probably more like 12 seconds. But this time I wasn't wheezing uncontrollably, so that's good. I don't mind doing sprints. They hurt, but practice can only make me better.

Last time I did 5X3 press I think it went better. I only got 2's the last couple rounds today. Press is not my friend...

CrossFit Games Regionals start Friday

Looking forward to seeing the FCF team compete in the Affiliate Cup at Regionals on Friday and our own Greg compete in the Masters competition. I'm even taking the day off work to go cheer them on!


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