Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Evil WOD: Thrusters and pull-ups

Today's WOD:

100 thrusters for time 95/65
Every minute do 5 C2B pull-ups

My time: 16:45. I reluctantly scaled it to 45# and only did the first few rounds with C2B. This was a new level of CrossFit evil. There was no chance to rest, just constant rushing to get another 5 pull-ups done so that you could squeeze in some more thrusters before it was time to do more pull-ups! Afterward I had to lie on the floor for about ten minutes while I waited for the room to stop spinning. My face was a lovely shade of purple for about 20 minutes.

Okay, I'm pretty brain-dead from the workout, so I don't have anything else for you except these pictures of a lily I have on my desk.

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