Thursday, March 4, 2010

WOD: TTB, deadlifts, and double unders

Today's WOD:

Press 5-5-3(5)

Push press 3-3-3

Push jerk 2-2-2


3 rounds for time of:

15 toes to bar
10 deadlifts 115# (155# Rx'd)
30 double unders

My time: 13:14. The TTB went much better than in the past. Still hard, but I got ten in a row on the first round! Deliberately went a little light on the deadlifts to try to keep better form (and not hurt my back). Double unders sucked big time. I think my legs were fried from the deadlifts (and the sprints yesterday, and the squat cleans the day before, and the lunges the day before that!!), and I just couldn't get the coordination down. Frustrating, but I'm sure double unders will come back when my leg muscles recover. And I did get through them all, even if it took a while!

For the record, there was more wheezing today. I tried to take deep breaths and relax when I felt my airways closing up, and that helped a bit, but it also hurt my focus and intensity in the workout.

My previous best push jerk was 75# - today I got 95#! Just went for it, decided not to be afraid.


I'm not much of a decorator, but I need a new look for my bedroom. Loving both of these duvet covers from DwellStudio for Target. Nice and crisp and modern, interesting color palette. Want to weigh in? Which one do you like?


Cecile said...

I'd go for the top one. I feel like if you stared at the bottom one too long you'd feel a little nauseous... Oh, and thanks for advertising the Ravelry group on your site!

Rockin Chizel said...

dear Amy,
When people think you're crazy for advocating Paleo, I think you ought to show them this

it's short, simple, and has a catchy tune. We're doing the Paleo Challenge at my Crossfit Gym out in California, so that's how I found this. Hope all is well

Philip said...

I'd like to weigh in on the duvet cover issue. My opinion is that you should not buy a duvet, but cover your bed with a zipped open sleeping bag. Remember you will not notice what is on your bed when you are sleeping, and sleeping bags say that your home decorating style is fun, carefree and pretty cheap.