Monday, March 1, 2010

FCF weightlifting meet and a brutual WOD

Doesn't Dirk look like he's up to something? Maybe he's just freaked out by the disembodied arm hanging over the couch.

Saturday's Weightlifting Meet

Saturday was the in-house Flatirons CrossFit weightlifting meet (photo here). I bettered my November total by 5 kg, all in the clean and jerk. November: 35(snatch) + 43(c&j) = 78 total. Saturday: 35(snatch) + 48 (c&j) = 83 total. I should have improved on snatch too. I tried 38 kg on the third lift but just didn't have my head in it. I probably could have done more on clean and jerk - 48 kg went up without a problem.

Today's WOD:

5X3 Press at 65#


5 rounds for time of:

Overhead walking plate lunges 20 steps 45/25#
12 pull-ups C2B
7 box jumps 30"/24"

My time: 20:16

As Rx'd. That was my first workout with the 24" box, and by far the most chest to bar pull-ups I've ever done. The lunges were very hard and very slow, the pull-ups were brutal, and the box jumps were actually not that bad. I felt pretty terrible the last three rounds, lots of wheezing and nausea, very hard to breathe. Still suspecting exercise-induced asthma.


I got a lot of stuff finished by closing ceremonies, but I did not make my Knitting Olympic goal of 10 UFOs completed. Maybe I'll pull a Bode and redeem myself in four years. In the meantime, the Knitting Olympics did give me the kick in the pants I needed to finally block my Adamas shawl:

My first shawl ever. I know the blocking job is probably not the best you've ever seen (wavy center line), but I don't care, I love it. I can't believe I made something so intricate with my own two hands, some string and a couple of sticks. I can't wait to move on to my second shawl.

You'll see a few other FOs this week - stay tuned.


In this post from Free the Animal, there is a description of school lunches in France and a comparison to their nutritionally abysmal counterpart here in the U.S. Setting aside how depressed/enraged this makes me, I felt rather inspired by how much thought and quality could go into a simple school lunch, and I thought I should pay more attention to my lunches rather than just grabbing the nearest leftover container and an apple or two. I spend a lot of effort to make breakfast and dinner nice, so why not lunch? It does require me to put it together the night before because I'm usually rushed and foggy in the morning. Here's what I came up with last night:

Leftover slow-cooked chipotle pork with raw sweet mini-peppers, baby romaine salad with kalamata olives, slivered almonds, cucumber, a tiny bit of bacon, and homemade vinaigrette, half a grapefruit cut up, an apple, and a bag of pecans, walnuts, and bison jerky. (That's both lunch and snacks for the day.) Not a radical departure from my typical lunch, but the fancy salad and garnish on the pork, plus the atypical fruit choice, make it seem a little more special. A little more French perhaps?

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