Thursday, February 4, 2010

WOD: Double Unders

Today's WOD:

As many double unders as possible in 15 minutes

I got 319. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be able to get 10 double unders, let alone more than 300, I'm not sure I would have believed you. It was a fun class today, went in early and worked out with the boys (sorry, men). I kinda like being the only girl, it makes me feel special. Also worked on butterfly pull-ups and ring dips. Not seeing the progress I'd like on either of those, so I'll need to do them more frequently.

I spent some time yesterday thinking about why my workouts have been so frustrating lately and what I can do to fix that. I think it's a combination of physical and psychological factors that are forming a positive feedback loop. (Not positive as in good, positive as in increasing.) Here's what I think is happening:
  1. I feel stressed about life stuff and about Sectionals coming up
  2. So I tell myself that I really need to push hard
  3. So I go with weights that are too heavy for me and I set very high expectations for my time/score
  4. I feel a ton of anxiety before and during the workout because I'm worried about/struggling with the heavy weight and pressured by my high expectations
  5. The workout doesn't go well because it's too heavy and because I'm psyching myself out with my anxiety (or it goes okay but can't meet my impossibly high expectations)
  6. My body can't recover properly because I'm beating it down too much
  7. So my performance suffers more each workout
  8. As a result, I get more stressed and tell myself that I need to push even harder (see #2 and repeat cycle)
Has anyone else experienced this cycle or something like it? I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have. To break out of it, I'm going with lighter weights, I'm trying (trying!) to relax about the workouts, and I'm going to quit setting sky-high goals. Today it went well - I started the workout without a goal, saw that I got 100 in the first 4 minutes or so, and decided my goal would be 300 (100 every 5 minutes). I got it, I didn't feel stressed, and I felt happy at the end of the workout.

Bunny Pictures!

I was home with the bunnies all day yesterday, so of course there were some portraits taken. Greta, ever alert and wary:

Dirk, hiding in the shadows:

And a very sweet one of them together. Bunny kiss!

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