Friday, February 5, 2010

Overhead Squats

Today's WOD:

Overhead Squat


65-75-85-95-failed on 100

then 12-9-6 reps @66% (65#)

New PR! That's up from my previous max of 90#, which I got in August. I tried a bunch of times on the 100#, but I just couldn't get it locked out over my head. My usual fear with overhead lifts. I'll get it next time.

I learned a lot of interesting things about Shel Silverstein today. I didn't know he wrote "A Boy Named Sue" or that silly mermaid song. Honestly, I just knew him for Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic. Go check out Shel Silverstein's wikipedia page to be enlightened. He was a very interesting person.

Have a great weekend. I'll leave you with an image from Michael Eades' blog. He saw this gorgeous croc while golfing in Mexico. Okay, so I know they're carnivorous killing and eating machines, but aren't they beautiful?

Random glimpse into my insanity: Is anyone watching the new season of Scrubs? You know how the new character Lucy is obsessed with horses? That's kind of how I feel about crocodiles. I suspect that if they could talk, we would find out they are very wise. I think, similar to Lucy, I need to let my love for crocodiles influence my home decor and also get some crocodile pajamas.

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Jane said...

Please send me a picture of your crocodile pajamas - preferably with you in them.