Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics time!

Estrogen hour rocks the HSPUs yesterday

I stole the picture from the FCF blog today because I'm in it. (L to R) Courtney, Lucinda, and me doing handstand push-ups yesterday. I have to say, I felt like we were a pretty kick-ass group of girls while we did this. (Rosanne and Elizabeth didn't make the photo, but they were also part of the kick-ass group).

I'm not working out today, but I am going climbing - yay! Haven't done that in about two weeks, I think. Tomorrow morning I'm going in for a special Sectionals training workout. It will probably be very painful.

The Olympics

The Olympics opening ceremony is tonight, and I'm excited! I love watching the Olympics, summer or winter. It's so inspirational. I'm also participating in the Knitting Olympics this year. I'm interpreting it a little loosely - rather than casting on one big project, I'm going to tackle my drawerful of UFOs. Some of them just need blocking, some need sewing, some need knitting. Honestly, I'm not even sure what's in there. But my goal for the Knitting Olympics is to finish (all the way, including blocking), photograph, and post 10 projects to the blog by the end of closing ceremonies. So get ready for some knitting content on the blog!

Have a great weekend.

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