Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just knitting today

No workout today, I'm taking a day off because my back hurts. I've just not been feeling good about training lately. It's been getting worse and worse and it came to a head yesterday. I'm under a lot of stress from other things, and that is spilling over into a self-destructive competitiveness and performance anxiety in CrossFit. So I thought a day away from the gym would not be a bad idea right now, just to mentally reset.

So just knitting content on the blog today.

Project Catch-Up

Here is the blue lace ribbon scarf. Slow going, but enjoyable.

Here is a neckwarmer thing I started for Mike this weekend. He wanted something for snowboarding that he could pull up over his face when it's cold on the lift. Very simple pattern - a 2x2 rib tube, 80 stitches, heavy worsted yarn (Patons wool) knitted loosely on a size 6 circular.

And here is the (still unblocked) lace panel neckwarmer I made for myself. Alpaca silk in a very pale pink. I'm actually not loving it. I think it looks kind of sloppy. I'll make a decision about it after I block it. It might get ripped and reknit in a simple rib like Mike's.

Stuff I Like

I really love this snowflake hat pattern from Newton's knitting. It caught my eye when Alison from The Blue Blog made it in shades of blue; then she made another one in shades of pink.

Photo from The Blue Blog

If you ever write a pattern, you should hope that Alison knits it and posts pictures because she makes everything look good. Her blog is always creative and inspirational, with a mix of knitting, sewing, and quilting, plus cute kids and international travel to boot.

And while I was on Newton's knitting, I also spotted this very cool garter cowl pattern. It's hard to find patterns that look good in variegated yarns, but this one looks beautiful! I think I have something appropriate in the stash...

Okay, one non-knitting thing. Someone posted a link to this hotel in Palm Springs in a blog post I read yesterday (I can't remember who or I'd link!). It's called the Orbit In and it's so cool! I love mid-century modern design, and I could imagine lounging by the pool in style. If my job were more secure right now, I'd book a flight and a couple nights right now, but I'm trying to tighten the purse strings a bit. Oh well, maybe someday.

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