Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deadhangs! Got 'em!

Today's WOD:

Deadhang pull-up ladders: 1-2-3 X 3


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift 125# (155# Rx'd)
Ring dips (substituted 2 for 1 push-ups)

My time: 10:28. Those push-ups were killer, and maybe 1/4 of them were legal chest-to-floor. The rest were as low as I could get though. I am afraid of push-ups or heavy deadlifts showing up at Sectionals. I don't want to scale! Ugh, there goes my stomach flipping over again.

But the good news - I got the deadhang pull-ups! For real now, no half-kipping or inchworming. I can go from arms locked to chin over the bar with no kipping, and I can do 3 in a row. Very happy about this! Now not only do I look as buff as Linda Hamilton in T2, I can do pull-ups like her too (good because there isn't always a good kipping setup when you're in lockdown).



mtbjune said...

Yes, I think you need to start worrying about "lockdown", lol!

Congrats on the deadhangs!!

claudia said...

Nice work on the deadhang pullups! You've been chasing those a long-assed time.