Friday, January 8, 2010

WOD: Rowing and double unders

Today's WOD:

Back squats 3-3-3 @ 95% (135#)


21 row for calories
42 double unders
15 row for calories
30 double unders
9 row for calories
18 double unders

My time: 8:48. The heavy squats were not nearly as hard as I thought they'd be. I guess this Russian Squat Challenge is actually working. I'm eager to see how the 2x2 day goes, and how much I can increase my 1-rep max. The WOD was tough - your legs feel pretty wobbly after rowing so the coordination of double unders is tricky, particularly on the first set. But I was pleased with my time.

Paleo dinner:

Here's a photo of last night's dinner on the stove. Pork in a butter sauce and coconut curry vegetables (made with coconut oil, coconut milk, and garam masala). The coconut sauce was so good when it accidentally got on the pork, you can bet the next time I cook pork chops it will be in coconut sauce. By the way, this was a quick dinner. Including prep time for these two dishes and a salad, it was about 45 minutes total. It's tiring to spend 45 minutes or an hour making dinner after a long day of work, but I take comfort in the fact that 1) it tastes great and 2) it won't kill me (or my wallet) like take-out will.

Going climbing this afternoon, then hopefully snowboarding this weekend. Have a fun weekend!

I'll leave you with a great reading list from Mark's Daily Apple, a great blog about primal living:
Stuff that I read (or watch), and you should too

Watch out, MDA is a total rabbit hole. You'll be reading for hours if you're not careful.

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