Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WOD: Messed-up Christine

WOD: Christine (sort of)

For today's WOD I did Christine, the metcon benchmark for the Paleo study. It is supposed to be:

3 rounds for time of:

row 500 m
12 body weight deadlifts
21 box jumps 20"

But my back was sore, I was feeling sick, I had some technical difficulties (battery went out in the rower), and I wasn't doing it as a benchmark, so the workout was both scaled and out of order. It went something like this:

row 500 m
12 deadlifts 105# (85% of body weight)
21 box jumps
12 deadlifts
21 box jumps
row 200 m
12 deadlifts
21 box jumps
row 800 m

That took me 17:08. No idea if it would have been faster without the order screw-up or slower with heavier deadlifts.

Also did back squats 2-2-2-2-2-2 @110#

Another Paleo dinner

Yeah, I know all these pictures of my dinners are probably getting old, but I think my photography skills are getting slightly better at least. I'm hoping the descriptions are helping somebody somewhere out there in internet land.

This was a good example of a filling meal. It can be hard to get "full" on Paleo (and you never get that overly full feeling you get from starches), but sometimes you're just beat and you need a big meal that will fill your stomach. This did the trick: 4 oz chicken breast, a whole lot of steamed broccoli with a little soy sauce and some olive oil topped with slivered almonds and a salad (romaine, cucumber, carrots, red peppers, and a little feta). That was a LOT of veggies in one meal. As for Zone portions, it was approximately a 4 block meal (based on the protein), probably a *little* light on carbs (it takes a lot of veggies to make a block!) and given the olive oil and half an avocado on my salad, maybe 5 or 6 blocks of fat.

Funny stuff

A couple of gems from Not Always Right:

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