Friday, January 22, 2010

WOD: Double KB clean and jerks

Today's WOD:

Double kettlebell clean and jerk

40-30-20-10 reps

Go up a bell size each set. Do 10 burpees every time you set the bell down in the middle of a set.

I did 8kg-12kg-12kg-16kg. Did the 40 unbroken, broke the 30 into 3 sets of 10, the 20 into 2 sets, 12 and 8, and the 10 into 2 sets, 4 and 6. So that was 40 burpees. And my first time with double 16s! Very painful workout. TGIF.


Here are the last two pairs of Xmas socks, for my brother-in-law to-be sister-in-law (hooray!). The picture is dark and blurry and awful, but the socks turned out quite nice. It's a good thing, because they are going to two lovely people who deserve hand knit socks.

I also finished my self-designed cowl/neckwarmer thingy, but I still need to block it. So you'll get a picture post-blocking. I'm pretty happy with it, will need to test it out on the slopes. And I finally got back to my lace ribbon scarf, on hold since I started the holiday knitting. I love love love this pattern, and I found the perfect yarn to go with it. Stay tuned, I'll post pictures of it next week. This scarf is as addictive as coffee.


You're probably sick of seeing salad pictures on the blog, but I was just so proud of how pretty this one was. Mixed baby greens, arugula, red peppers, slivered almonds, and a tiny bit of bacon. Quite delicious too. I had it with boneless bison shoulder slow-cooked with poblanos, onions, celery, garlic and beef broth, shredded into a stew. A great warming winter meal with rich flavors. Not as photogenic as the salad though.


Dirk and Greta couldn't stay away from this delicious stack of firewood last night.

Dirk eventually lost interest and wandered off to take a nap...

...but Greta couldn't tear herself away.

Eventually she decided my slipper was more interesting.

Mmm, firewood and slippers. Rabbits are odd. It's a good thing they're so cute.

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Anonymous said...

You know why I love visiting here? Because I can get both my CrossFit and knitting fixes in at the same time! LOL!