Thursday, December 24, 2009

WOD: Thrusters and the CF Games

Today's WOD:

Do one thruster the first minute, 2 thrusters the second, 3 thrusters the third minute, etc.

65# (85# Rx'd)

I got to 8 rounds and got 7 of the 9 on the 9th round. Last time I did this workout (in August), I did 55# and got 10 rounds plus 5 on the 11th round. So not nearly as many reps, but definitely more weight!

CrossFit Games

Yesterday I signed up for the CrossFit Games! I'll be competing in the Mountain Sectional in Golden, CO in late March. The top 30 men and 30 women from the sectional go on to compete in the North Central Regional Games in Denver in May. Unless some horrible flu sweeps through the state, sparing only me, I won't make it to Regionals. But I'm excited to go compete and be part of the fun.


Dirk and Greta enjoying some breakfast. This was just before Dirk decided to get fresh with Greta and she rebuffed him. But he did get her to move away from the food dish, which may have been his plan all along. Also, I think he had a very brief good time.

Holiday Links:

And here's a smorgasbord of holiday-related links:

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! Play hard and be crafty!

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