Friday, December 4, 2009

WOD: 210 KB swings and 210 box jumps

Today's WOD:

For time, alternating:

20 reps down to one of KB swings 24/16kg
one up to 20 reps of box jumps 20"

My time: 20:46 as Rx'd. That one was mentally challenging! I figured out that it's 210 swings and 210 box jumps total (n*(n+1)/2 where n=20). That's a lot of reps! Despite the fact that box jumps are my nemesis exercise, they went really well today. I was trying to concentrate on landing more softly, rather than my usual knee-killing thud. I still land pretty hard on the floor, but I'm doing better about landing soft on the box. Also tried to turn the part of my brain off that tells me to be scared to jump. I didn't feel nervous at all this time, probably a first for box jumps.

I'm going climbing again today - so excited! I think I'm going to try a 5.9. I'll see if I can be really cheesy and get a picture of me on the wall.

Let's see, we need some knitting content on this blog. I've probably lost all my knitter readers by now! I do have a lot going, it's just getting kind of repetitive. I'm almost finished with my scarf for the Red Scarf Project. It's the Corrugator in a nice tomato red wool with some tan and chocolate brown skinny stripes. It looks very Gap-ish. Hopefully that's a good thing since it's going to a college student. They probably don't want to wear anything too homemade-looking. Anyway, I will finish it this weekend and post a photo Monday.

Random comment: did anyone watch Top Chef last night? The use of the word "ducky" to describe the flavor of the duck cracked me up to no end. I'm totally going to order duck next time I go to a fancy restaurant just so I can comment on its duckiness.


Bunny cards via Disapproving Rabbits

Light switch rack via Unclutterer

Yes, I do know that there has been a lot of bunny content on here lately. Stay tuned to find out why I have bunnies on the brain.

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