Monday, November 9, 2009

WOD: C2B Pull-ups, box jumps, and push press

The Flatirons team (minus Lucinda)

Today's WOD:

Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

I got 145-155-160-165-170-175-missed on 180

Started at 83% and matched my PR. I almost passed out on that 175# lift! Really! Not sure deadlifts are ever going to get easier for me, but I'll keep trying.


3 rounds for time of:

10 pull-ups C2B
20 box jumps 20"
5 push press 75# (85# Rx'd)

My time: 9:50. Not a great time, but I really tried to get those pull-ups chest to bar. I touched my chest to the bar a few times and got really close on most of the other reps.

The Meet

The weightlifting meet went well and was a lot of fun. I made or almost made my goals, and I got two PRs (barely). For the snatch, I opened with 30 kg, then did 33 kg, which I got up but got two red lights for a press out, then I went for 35 kg (77#) and got it (a PR). On clean and jerk, I opened with 38 kg and got it, then tried 42 kg and lost it behind me, then got 43 kg (95#). I really wanted 45 kg, but that's okay, I was pretty happy with 43. I technically got a PR on clean and jerk because although my PR was recorded as 95# , we round the bars to 35# when they are actually 33#, so I had only gotten 93#. So 95# is more. I know, I'm being kind of fussy, but I did lift more than I have before so I'm counting it as a PR. I went from 65 kg total in April to 78 kg total, an improvement of 13 kg. I'm very happy with that progress!

I'm so proud of our team and very grateful for all the dedicated coaching and encouragement from Randy, David, Keith, and Tim, especially as I ramped up training over the last few weeks. And Randy really stepped me through the meet and helped me get my head in the right place. I'm looking forward to the next meet in January in Colorado Springs!

Here are just a few pictures from the meet. I'll post more this week.


Amber said...

That is some great extension on that second picture from the meet. Awesome job! =)

Amy said...

Thanks, Amber! Just threw a snatch extension picture up there too. I was shocked to see that I finally learned how to shrug after struggling with it a lot. Woo hoo!

Philip said...

Nice work Amy. You look very fit.

claudialb said...

Great job at the meet! Love the pictures.

Bluescaptain Joe said...

a badass is you!

promise not to beat me up at xmas? i'll behave.