Monday, November 2, 2009

Rowing and clean and jerk

Today's Workout:

Row 1000

My time: 4:09 (PR!)

Then I worked on clean and jerk at 75# (pretty light, around 80% of my max). Made a bit of a breakthrough on cleans re. hitting the bar higher on my legs. I have been trying to fix this for a while, but was thinking of it in terms of timing. (Keith keeps telling me to BE PATIENT with the second pull!) Thinking of it in terms of WHERE to hit the bar (higher instead of later) somehow made it click for me. I'm getting a lot more power and speed now. I hope it translates well to higher weights.

Going in again tonight to work on snatch (light!!) and then I'm done with the two-a-days for a while. Gotta taper before the meet.

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rosanne said...

Hey Amy,
Great job today on the row, another PR - good for you!
So I've been meaning to tell you, for a while now, about this gals blog I have been going to, maybe you've already seen it. But she has some great recipes.