Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Stuff

Still no WOD this week, worked on light snatches this morning (65#). I'm feeling okay with them. It's hard not to perseverate and just keep working and working and working on them.

In the interest of not perseverating (mentally), I'm not going to write about CrossFit or weightlifting today. Or the fact that I'm very nervous about making weight Saturday. Or the other million things that are running through my head and leading to the kind of stress that probably caused my migraine yesterday. No, no, I'm calm and happy and finding interesting things on the internet for you to read.

Random stuff
  • My brother sent me an interesting NPR interview on endurance running from an anthropological perspective. For the record, I still hate endurance running and think in the long term it is bad for most people (especially with the vast amounts of training people do), but the guy does make some interesting points. Listen to the interview or read the transcript
  • I'm all for commenting code, but this example from The Daily WTF may be going too far.
  • Pretty handkerchief pillows via Oh Joy
  • And just for you Vincent, another Toothpaste For Dinner. This is how I feel about my education sometimes. At least I did an internship and not a postdoc. And dirt hoeing might have been more useful than cognitive neuroscience, actually.

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Jane said...

We have all those handkerchiefs from Nana at home - if you want to make lots of pillows, help yourself!