Thursday, November 12, 2009

100 Pull-ups For Time

Today's WOD:

100 pull-ups for time

My time: 13:30

Ouch. Got the first 24 in a minute and a half, did them in 4 sets of 6, and was feeling great. Got up to 60 and my forearms just DIED, so I started holding on to the bar for dear life. Which means I ripped my palms. And then I ripped them some more. By the last ten, I was doing 1 or 2 at a time and screaming on every one. But I finished, and I think every rep was good. So hooray!

This was a great example of how it makes a huge difference to work out in a group. If I were trying this on my own, I probably wouldn't have been able to stick with it to the end, wouldn't have pushed through the pain. But having Rosanne and Julie and Gary and Tim all yelling at me, telling me to keep going and encouraging me, I knew I had to finish no matter how much it hurt. I think that people who don't ever push themselves to do something truly challenging, with their friends cheering them on, are missing one of the more profound moments in life. Yet again, I think how grateful I am to have CrossFit in my life because it provides me with those moments all the time.

Now for some more pictures from the meet:

Warming up

Lucinda getting her medal

Rosanne getting her medal

Me getting my medal (and looking at the wrong camera)

James getting his medal

My biggest fan, who spent the whole weekend at a weightlifting meet he wasn't even participating in

And I'll end with an action shot

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