Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rowing Challenge and October Snowstorm

This is what I woke up to today. At least 10 inches I think. I made it into work, and I think there might be even more snow waiting for me when I get home. Hooray! I love early season snowstorms. This is just what I needed to cheer up. I'm going to go home early and get some snowshoeing in before it gets dark. If I can get home...

The 100,000 Meter Rowing Challenge

Today started the 100,000 m rowing challenge against MBS CrossFit. I contributed a little with a 500 m row time and a 1000 m row time. Set new PRs for both!

500 m: 1:53 (previous PR was 1:59)
1000 m: 4:12 (previous P R was 4:18)

I also screwed around on box jumps and got a 29" box jump. Previous best was 24". And 29 wasn't really that hard - I think I can get more. Also worked a little more on jumping muscle-ups and in the process figured out where those mystery bruises on my arms are coming from. Aha!

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mtbjune said...

Congrats on the PR's and box jumps!! Thank goodness someone else besides me loves this snow :) Have a great time snowshoing, I'm jealous!