Monday, July 13, 2009

WOD: Fran, a bear, and first C2B

Today's WOD: Fran

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters 95/65#

My time: 14:44. First time Rx'd!! This is THE CrossFit workout, the one everyone talks about. I'm so happy to finally have done it prescribed. Those thrusters were heavy, right at my limit. Now I just have to get that time down, and I'm sure it will as I get stronger on overhead lifts.

Just for fun, here's my Fran history:
  1. September 2008 (no post): 15:17 with 3-band pull-ups, 38#
  2. November 24, 2008: 11:09 with 2-band pull-ups, 48#
  3. February 2, 2009: 11:11 with 1-band pull-ups, 53#
  4. July 13, 2009: 14:44 as Rx'd (unassisted pull-ups, 65#)
A lot of people did Fran for the first time today in the noon class, and it was impressive to see all that effort being put forth in one place. CrossFitters have one thing in common, whether they're old pros or newbies, young or old, big or small: they go hard. It's inspirational to be around the kind of people who keep giving it 100 percent when most "normal" people would just quit.

Today was good day. I also got my first (and second and third) chest-to-bar pull-up! I won't be doing any more for a while because my hands are completely ripped up from Fran, but I definitely have it down. So excited! Now I want to do a workout with C2B!

In other exciting news, I saw a bear this weekend. As you can see, my photography skills are as impeccable as my windows are clean.
From the living room, we watched this bear pry the lid off the trash can (just outside the door) grab the trash bag, carry it a short distance, and dig into the tasty tasty chicken bones/skin, apple cores, and wilted lettuce (wisely ignoring spoiled yogurt and an old jalapeno). I believe this bear heartily approves of our Paleo diet. Mike got online immediately and ordered a "bear proof" trash can. I put it in quotes because who knows. Bears are a lot smarter than you might think, especially when Paelo scraps are on the line. This is the closest up I've seen a bear, and I was surprised at how cute it was. I know, I know, they're very dangerous, but when you're not in danger, they look just like big teddy bears. Awww. I know, I know.

Pictured above is a new paleo muffin experiment. These are Chelsea's banana nut muffins from Steve's blog with some fruit added. I made the batter as usual, poured it into the muffin cups, and stirred blueberries into half of them and chopped strawberries into the other half. You may notice these are two short of a dozen. One of each was set aside for my designated muffin tester. I'm waiting for a verdict.

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