Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Did weightlifting with Mark today. We worked on advanced Romanian deadlifts and then did a particularly evil WOD with them:

5 rounds for time of:

10 advanced Romanian deadlifts (I did 65#)
5 *backwards* box jumps (I did 16")
200 m *backwards* run (forward run the last round)

My time: 14:52

Backwards box jumps are scary, but I went with the short box, so it wasn't too bad. Missed the box and fell on my ass twice, but no injuries. What was truly awful was the backwards running. Really really terrible. On the plus side, it made that last round of forwards running seem pretty easy. And a really hard workout can be a great tool to deal with stress. I have plenty of that right now. The major work project that has been consuming my life, keeping me up at night, and generally just crushing my will to live was supposed to be finished on Monday. It just got an EXTENSION to July 22. So two more weeks of this crap. At least I can take the 3 day weekend off and enjoy. I think I'm going to plan a last-minute getaway.

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Margaret said...

long weekend, stay up in the mountains, sounds lovely, unless of course You and Mike want to come down for a potluck party on the 4th at 3PM, then driving down would make sense. Margaret