Monday, June 22, 2009

WOD: OHS and Burpees

A mountain-y picture. This is from May - now it's much greener (and yellower and purpler). I need to get some photos of the amazing wildflowers that are blooming. Stay tuned...

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Overhead squat 55#

My time: 10:17. 84% of prescribed weight (65#). I think I could have cranked some reps out at 65#, but it would have been a slog and not a sprint. This was definitely a sprint!

We also did press 5x5 as a warm-up. I did 55# and didn't exactly follow it to the letter. Instead I did 5x3x3x3x3x5, not on purpose, but just because I kept dropping the weight after 3 and I didn't want to go lower than 55#.

Knitters for MS

I got a shout out on Claudia's blog today - my donated prize was announced. Go check out all the great stuff that's been donated to the prize basket and donate 10 dollars or more to her team for a chance to win something. Great people uniting for a great cause. Knitters are nothing if not generous!


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