Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weightlifting: Hang Cleans and Somersaults


Today was weightlifting with Mark. We did a sequence of somersaults and increasingly taller box jumps to work on speed/agility. The somersaults scared the hell out of me. I was tempted to not even try them. I don't think I've done one in at least ten years. The first few made me very very dizzy, but Lucinda told me I'd adjust to them, and she was right. It's funny how things that seem totally normal when you're a kid can be so scary as an adult. I guess to be truly fit, we need to find our inner kid and embrace (or at least try) the scary stuff. Of course I was still scared on the taller boxes and only went up to my usual 20". I really need to try the 24" one again. I got it once before, but just looking at it made me queasy today.

Then we put the sequence together with hang cleans, focusing on getting low (not putting the brakes on) for the hang cleans. 8 rounds of 3-5 hang cleans, 2 somersaults, and increasing box jumps (16" and 20" for me). I felt like my form was pretty good on the hang cleans, and I think I was getting lower than before with that weight (70#).

I need to hole up and write (for work, not the blog) the rest of the day, so even though I have lots more to say, I'll just leave you with some fun links.

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Jane said...

I love the shadow lady - I'd rather have a fairy though so maybe she's onto something. Very funny.