Thursday, May 21, 2009

WOD: KB snatch, box jumps, and KTE

Today's WOD:

3 rounds for time of:
30 kettlebell snatches 12 kg
21 box jumps
15 Knee to elbows

My time: 13:05. I was really happy with this. I actually kept up with the rest of the class on this one! My KTE were not full range of motion, just don't have that yet. Maybe getting my pull-up means I have the strength to do them right now and I'll get them soon. Speaking of pull-ups, I tried chest-to-bar again today and I think I was about an inch away. I'll keep working on it!

It was a great day at the gym, especially given that it's gloomy outside and I started out feeling tired and yucky. I'm much less cranky than yesterday!


Tomorrow I'm going to my women's shooting class at the Boulder Rifle Club. If anyone is curious/interested in joining me, let me know. The goal is to educate women on safety, marksmanship, and self-defense with firearms. The instructor is an expert with firearms, has written books on shooting technique, and even trains Marines to shoot. It meets informally once a month, different people there every time.

My views on gun control are not popular in Boulder, but I fit in pretty well with my mountain neighbors. A lot of gun criticism comes from people who have never held a gun and know very little about them. There are a lot of misconceptions people have that can be cleared up with a simple class in firearm safety and self defense. I took one of these classes last summer, and I found it very informative. Even if you are not a gun owner and don't plan to become one, I think it makes sense to educate yourself about guns and how to use them (or at least how to disarm them) because they are around and you never know what kind of situation you might encounter. I believe it's best to be prepared.

I'll end with a few more hiking pictures. I hope to get a nice hike in this weekend, but nothing that will tire me out too much for the Bolder Boulder on Monday!

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