Monday, May 4, 2009

WOD: Jackie

Today's WOD: Jackie

For time:
Row 1000
50 thrusters 35#
30 pull-ups

Time: 14:37 as Rx'd! I love writing that. (This was my second pull-up workout as prescribed and my first named pull-up workout as prescribed.) Last time I did Jackie, my time was 15:58 and I did 1-band pull-ups. Also edged in a new PR for my 1000 m row time at 4:29 (previous 4:33 I think). Those thrusters sucked. I thought I'd be able to do them in sets of 10, but I ended up going to sets of 5, ugh. This is a deceptively awful workout!


Things are busy again at work, so I'll keep it short today with a couple of links.
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